Fishing Report

Friday, January 18, 2019

So there is Round Trip Airfare aboard Frontier Airlines from Raleigh to Puna Cana Dominican Republic for ONLY $300 ?., yes ONLY $300 ?, and we still have a few days open from March 28 - March 31 aboard the Delta Dawn with yours truly at the helm and Patrick in the cockpit along with Jake ?, you and your group can stay with us at a Fabulous 8 bedroom Villa located close to the Marina, just a short golf cart ride away, catch Sailfish and Blue Marlin all for only $3,500 per day ?, put your friends and family together and come start the Spring off in fashion ?, would love to spend a few days in the warm Sunshine with you ?, you really need to treat yourself to this ?., you'll be happy that you did !!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Talk about a Great Marlin Tournament and at the Perfect time of year for the Marlin bite out of Hatteras Village ??, July 10-13 for the Hatteras Grand Slam Marlin Tournament and Sensation is OPEN !!! If you've never fished a tournament out of Hatteras this is your opportunity so put your crew together and come join Patrick and I for a really Fun few days. If you look at our Booking Calendar we are beginning to fill up for April, May and June so if you've got those months on your mind to catch the Gaffers, Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin you might want to get on the Calendar. Also we are still open as of now for the last week of March in Casa De Campo. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to take advantage of this Bucket List opportunity. Looking across the ICW toward Atlantic Beach and the Great North Atlantic as I write this and looking forward to Sunshine, Warm sand and a Blue silky smooth ocean.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Been a busy couple of weeks for the Sensation Online Booking Calendar as we are starting to fill up the months of April, May and June ?., although very few weekend dates left there are still several choice weekday spots available. Before we know it the Yellowfin Tuna, Big Gaffers, Wahoo and Marlin are going to paddling into our waters and we're excited to get out there amongst them. Should have been fishing for the past several days. With the warm January sunshine it's almost like being in Florida here in the Great North State:)) Get busy and let's plan some time on the Crystal Coast and on the Blue Water. Also I still have the last week of March open running the Delta Dawn in the Dominican Republic at Casa De Campo. Give me a call if you want details. A real Bucket List trip. 252-725-5375

Saturday, January 05, 2019

If you want to get in on the awesome March fishing in the Dominican Republic there is one opportunity left at the end of March. We have one five day slot still available from March 27 thru April 1 which includes lodging in one of the resorts nicest Villas close to the Marina. If you haven't done it you need to go to Google Earth and take a look around at Casa de Campo and zoom in on the different amenities particularly the Marina and beaches.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Springtime fishing is some of the very best here on the Crystal Coast and Sensation?s calendar is starting to fill up so news the time to get your book out and plan a day offshore with family and friends. We are all still licking our wounds here on the coast from that lovely Florence and although she kicked our butts pretty good we?re making great progress toward full recovery and we?re all looking forward to a fun filled and productive 2019. And I?m particularly looking forward to seeing you in the New Year and spending some days in the Sun with you. So let?s get a date on the books :)))

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

As you are reading this I trust that you and yours had a Blessed and Merry Christmas and that you've had a good year. Looking forward to our great community continuing to mend in 2019 and getting totally back to normal from the trauma and damage caused by Hurricane Florence. And I'm looking forward to getting you plenty of good fishing reports throughout the New Year. As of right now the inshore boats and surf fishermen have been catching a few Trout, the bottom boats have been catching Grouper and Snapper, and there have been a very few Bluefin Tuna hooked and caught. I've heard no reports from anyone venturing to the Gulf Stream. Looking forward to the days getting longer, the sunshine warming the beach sand, and seeing you back down here :)) Sensation is beginning to book up for the Spring. Get in touch. Happy New Year !!!

Monday, December 17, 2018

During his off season from fishing my mate Patrick is shoring up his free time and income by guiding Duck Hunting trips and he just sent me a photo from this morning's hunt with three happy shooters each with handfuls of Red Heads. Yep, Red Head Poppers on the grill tonight for those lucky chaps. Sensation's 2019 fishing calendar is beginning to fill in as we have already booked many days in April, May and some in June. Check out the Booking Calendar and get yourself, your family and friends a really nice Christmas present. A day offshore on the Sensation!!! Wow it's hard to imagine that the Christmas week is almost here. Maybe I'll get a chance to visit with Santa this week :)))

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Patrick and I are looking forward to having you on board in 2019 but sadly I report that Sensation's 2019 Charter rates are increasing just a touch, as well as many other boats in the fleet. Beginning January 1 our offshore rate will increase from $1,850 to $1,950, 3/4 day to $1,500 and 1/2 day to $750. Several boats fished for our occasional guests the Giant Bluefin Tuna over the past several days. Yesterday there were 30 boats fishing and not a single sighting but last week there were several big ones decked including one that cored out to 505 pounds caught by Jackson Weeks and crew. Patrick is going Swordfishing today and I'll let you know how he does. The inshore Trout bite has been pretty darn good. Keep in mind that I'll be running the Delta Dawn for the months of Feb/March at Casa De Campo. Still have some days available. Sure wish that you would come down and join me :)))

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

I've been really blessed with really great Mates in the cockpit of the old Rose Brothers Forty Something and now Jarrett Bay Hull #1 the Sensation ., beginning with John Nobles who's now a great Attorney in Beaufort, Young Pete Zook who's now on the Sea Striker, Chris C.R. Russell who is now Captaining the Piracy .., then to Alan, Big Country, Scibal who was with me for 9 years and only late to the boat one time, and that's because the Beaufort Bridge was broken :)) Big Country is now the Captain of the First Look. And now I have another great Mate in Captain Patrick Dufour going into our 3rd year together. Day before yesterday Patrick and his Brother, Captain Jacky Dufour, were running separate boats in a fleet of 60 boats searching for Giant Bluefin Tuna and both brothers decked fish, representing 2 of the 3 fish caught by the entire 60 boat fleet. The Morehead City fishing fleet has some of the finest mates in the World and I'm Proud to say that my mates over the past 20 years are among the very best and have made my life easy and the Sensation a real pleasure to fish on :))

Monday, November 26, 2018

I ran into an inshore guide yesterday afternoon and he told me that the Trout are biting good along the beach and inside the Inlet too and I've seen plenty of boats early in the morning from my upstairs window heading out to capture some. Although the wind has been blowing hard recently yesterday was an exception and there were lots of propellers in the water. After all of the storms brought fresh water from upstate that mucked up the water it's nice to see the water cleaning up and the fishing rebounding. Hopefully before the end of this week some of the fleet will be able to get back offshore to take advantage of the great Wahoo and Sailfish bite. Fingers crossed that we'll see improvements all the way around.

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