Fishing Report

Sunday, April 30, 2017
WOW !!!

Lots of propellers in the ocean yesterday and for a really really special reason ....., although there were plenty of fish caught ranging from Yellowfin Tuna to Blue Marlin ....., the real winner was caught by the fabulous crew from Reelin for Research led by Richard Montana for The Children's Promise ....., $517,000 !!!!! ......., One of my best fishing reports EVER !!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Although the docks were not line with them yesterday afternoon, the Gaffer Dolphin are beginning to make a showing as the small fleet that fished yesterday and day before brought some nice ones back to the waterfront, along with Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna ......, Sensation had a good day with Kevin Hommes and crew aboard and Good Lord willing Kevin will have a better one today on the Sensation ..., the Good news for Morehead City is that the GREAT folks from Reelin for Research are coming to town today to work their magic and raise tons of money for The Children's Promise, Cancer research ....., the registration is tonight at Jack's with fishing tomorrow ...., and with a great forecast ....., so get your pals together, enter the tournament, crank your boat in the morning and let's go fishing and more importantly support this great cause ..., see you tonight !!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Just in case you missed my last report Sensation is open and available for the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament on July 6-7-8 ....., we could have a great time, fishing out of Morehead City on July 5 and into Hatteras ...., we can dock and eat some GREAT meals at the Historic Hatteras Marlin Club and there is great inexpensive lodging at Oden's Breakwater Hotel which is just down the dock from the Marlin Club ......, it will be a great trip for you and your pals or family ..., give me a call and we can discuss the details at 252-725-5375 ..., some of the fleet has ventured offshore today so that later this evening I can get you a fishing report ..., after my boat work this morning I think that I will head over to the Oceanna Pier and see what's biting :)

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Hatteras inlet is being dredged as I write and the Good Fleet of Hatteras will be able to sail again ...., they sure have struggled for a while with shoaling and not much help from the Feds to fix it .., but it's getting done now ...., and speaking of, Sensation is open for charter to fish the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament July 6-7-8 ..., it's a great tournament with lots of good fellowship, food, and great fishing at a perfect time of year to catch all sorts of Marlin ...., give me a call at 252-725-5375 and we can discuss the details .., with Captain John Jenkins at the helm yesterday Sensation flew a couple of Sailfish flags ..., the crew from Odyssee had plenty of fun catching the Sails along with a variety of meatfish ...., a little to windy to fish offshore today and tomorrow but hopefully the fleet will sail again by Wednesday and I'll post you up ..., and if you want to go, Sensation is OPEN on WEDNESDAY !!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beginning Wednesday we fished inshore with Paul Bogardis and family and although fishing was slow Paul did manage to catch supper, a 12 pound Chopper Bluefish ..., then on Thursday Tommy Kellis and his pals from New Bern came down and we loaded the fish box with Blackfin Tuna, King Mackeral, Snapper, and some Giant Triggerfish ......, then yesterday, Friday, a group of my friends led by none other than Bubba Haywood stayed busy most of the day catching Blackfin Tuna, with a couple of Wahoo thrown in, and a Sailfish to boot, which was Tim White's son Robert's first ever Billfish ....., so Robert got the traditional dunking by Bubba ...., check out the photo page for the action ...., we are expecting the Gaffer Dolphin to show any day now ..., there have been a few smaller scouts ahead of the migration ..., check out the photo page.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The wind has been blowing steadily all up and down the coast for the past several days .., keeping the entire fleet pinned to the dock ..., however it is letting up today and at least Sensation will be attempting an inshore half day trip today ..., and then tomorrow, along with several other boats from the Morehead Waterfront fleet, we will hopefully be venturing back off to the deep blue water ..., the inshore waters are starting to warm up and we've been seeing a good sign of Bluefish and some False Albacore, however the Mackeral have not shown up yet .., the last boats that fished offshore several days ago did catch Wahoo, Tuna, and the first run of Gaffer Dolphin ..., and I understand that my friend Captain Brad Sutton of the Annie O caught a Blue Marlin and a Sailfish, and saw another Blue Marlin ...., good stuff here on the Crystal Coast !!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The first Blue Marlin of the season was recorded at the waterfront yesterday as Captain Ken Kramer, aka Captain Grumpy, along with Mate Nathan Newlin scored with Ken at the helm of the Bill Collector ....., Captain Ken has caught plenty of Blue ones over his career and good to see him start his season on top ....., Sensation along with the rest of the fleet, including Dancin Outlaw, Island Girl, Diamond Girl, Energizer, and Reel Country had good showings of Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, and even some big Gaffers have started showing up ......, Keith Chapman and crew had a fun day on Fri and Tommy Rice and the boys had a ball yesterday catching a slug of Blackfin ...., on another note, the entire Hatteras Village has been struggling because of the Inlet shoaling ..., but the good news for the Hatteras Fleet is that our Fed Gov is finally moving a dredge into the inlet ....., so the Hatteras Inlet should be plenty navigable very soon. Check out the photo page for yesterday's action

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The trolling bite improved on the rip yesterday and the Dancin Outlaw led the way with a great catch of a half dozen jumbo sized Wahoo, several tasty Blackfin Tuna , and the best thing to show up behind Captain Thomas boat ....., Dolphin Fish aka Mahi Mahi ......, seems that the Mahi have begun their Spring migration off the Crystal Coast and boy we're happy to see them !!! ......, nice fish are being caught ...., check out the photo page to see the 70 Pound Wahoo that Captain Tony caught on the Mizzo II day before yesterday ...., also keep in mind that we are fully rigged up an ready to run daytime Swordfish trips if you and your crew would like to catch one of these Sea Monsters ...., the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is just around the corner and we have two open spots available for the week ...., if you are interested in joining our crew please give me a call and we can discuss the details ...., 252-725-5375

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yesterday with Sam Hardaway, wife Michelle, son Mason, and good friend Hunter on board Sensation had quite a varietal catch ...., ranging from pulling off a couple of Sailfish, to catching Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Vermillion Snapper, Sea Bass, Tile Fish, and Ringtails ....., son Mason also racked up his first offshore Citation with a 40 pound Wahoo ...., my dock ate Floar Plan with Captain Cameron Guthrie at the helm also had a scrappy day with several Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna ...., Floar Plan also had a couple of cracks at Sailfish but couldn't connect either ....., the catch of the day came on the Missou II with Captain Tony at the helm as they sacked up a whopping 70 pound Wahoo ...., plenty of great fishing here in Morehead City and we still have several April days left open along with May 1st and 3rd ....., check out the photo page for yesterday's action and Mason's Citation Wahoo

Monday, April 10, 2017

Yesterday marked the first calm fishing day after days on end of a hard blow ..., and there was a good showing from the waterfront fleet getting offshore ......, yours truly was nursing the flu and a bum knee however the Sensation was in GREAT hands with Captain John Jenkins at the helm and Mate Patrick DuFour in the cockpit ......, and Chris Hauser and his crew from Rodgers Construction was not to be disappointed as they came home with a boxful of Wahoo, Triggerfish, and Snapper ....., a good showing of fish was also caught by the rest of the fleet which included the Dancin Outlaw, Reel Country, Bill Collector, Bluewater, Island Girl, and Energizer ...., looked like old times around the waterfront with a crowd waiting on the fleet to get in ....., we are open on Wednesday with a great forecast .., check out the photo page and give me a call.

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