Fishing Report

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The calendar for Casa de Campo is starting to fill in for the time that Patrick and I will be in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 running the Delta Dawn . The 3rd week of February is spoken for as well as the last 3 weeks of March. If you?re considering coming down to join us catching Blue Marlin along with all sorts of other fish you might want to pin your group down and get on the calendar. If you have any questions don?t hesitate to send me a message and I?ll get right back to you. Good Lord willing we should be back offshore by weeks end. As you know the wind has been relentless but the forecast is looking promising for a nice change. Very promising:)))

Friday, November 09, 2018

Unfortunately the wind has kept the fleet pretty much pinned to the dock and will again today so no fishing report today. Hopefully we will be able to get back out there soon. The wahoo, tuna and Sailfish should continue to bite good on into December. Also Patrick and I are set up for Swordfishing and Big Country has just proven that some bigs ones are out there after decking that 410 pounder last week so let?s get a day on the books soon. Keep in mind the Dominican Republic. Patrick and I will be running the Delta Dawn at Casa de Campo in Feb and March and right now we still have the first 2 weeks and the last week of February open as well as the first week of March. Some of the groups are planning a combo Marlin fishing and Golf week, fish in the morning and golf in the afternoon.. In addition to fantastic fishing there are two World Class golf courses including Teeth of the Dog a Top 10 course. I would love nothing better than for you to join me in the DR. Shoot me a message while there is still availability.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

On Sunday Scott Andrews brought his customers/friends aboard the Sensation for what we thought would be a choppy day offshore in the Gulf Stream, but as it turned out the wind blew hard inshore but only 15 knots or so offshore so we ended up having a very pleasant day. Tons of bait everywhere but the "East is Least" concept held true and we didn't have as many bites as we would have hoped for in the East wind however what we did catch were keepers. We didn't see another fishing vessel of any sort all day long, marked plenty of bait and fish, and when the dust settled our crew had a couple of nice Wahoo, a Sailfish, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna and a few other sorted. Check out the photo page to see Scott's catch and keep in mind that we're doing Swordfish charters over the Winter. Sure hoping to see you again soon !!! Oh and did you watch the whipping that NC State's Wolfpack put on Elizabeth Warren's Tribe on Saturday :))

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Alan, Big Country, Scibal had a GREAT day yesterday aboard the Knot Done Yet when he and his crew hooked, battled for a few hours and decked a 410 pound Valentines Day Swordfish ...., an exceptional catch ..., Patrick and I had the Sensation in the vicinity so we got to hear a play by play on this awesome catch. Check out the website for the photo as well as Keith and Joe along with their Wahoo and Mahi catch from yesterday. We should have left the Wahoos alone and went Swordfishing. Captain Gabe on the Diamond Girl had a 4banger on Sails also and added one more later to fly 5 Sailfish flags to the dock. Capt Ralph on the Fin Print also had a couple of releases too. We stayed at the dock today and unfortunately because of heavy winds looks like we?ll be tied up for a few more days. Sometimes it just doesn?t work out like you hope for. Sensation is rigged up and Patrick and I are ready to take you to offshore to catch a Sword this Winter to have for Christmas Supper ..., Give me a call and let?s get after them

Saturday, October 27, 2018

On Thursday Patrick and I had he privilege of having newlywed David Elliot aboard the Sensation for his weather delayed bachelor party and as it turns out David caught a Sailfish to follow his wife Dana's Sailfish which she caught aboard the Sensation in the Pirates Cove Alice Kelly Tournament. So now they can mount their Citations side by side in their new home !! You can see a Happy David on the photo page with his pals. Dancin Outlaw scored huge on a HUGE Wahoo on Thursday also with an 85 Pounder. Captain Thomas said that's the biggest Wahoo that he and Mate Eli Blake have ever caught and I must say that Sensation has never seen one that big either. Casa De Campo is calling your name. Come join Patrick and I aboard the Delta Dawn for an all inclusive fishing trip of a lifetime in the Dominican Republic in either Feb or March. Give me a call or shoot me an email. Google Casa De Campo and take a look around.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Yesterday was all that the fleet could hope for with the Wahoo fishing. All of the boats including the Dancin Outlaw, Bill Collector, Twin Fin, Ava D, Energizer and yours truly on the Sensation had excellent Wahoo fishing. My good crew led by Hugh Lennon (whom by the way was a NYC 911 Firefighter and we were super honored to have him on board) caught several Citation sized fish including a 56.8 pounder along with some Jumbo Blackfin Tuna. Several Sailfish were also caught by the fleet. The wind is blowing today but we're hopeful that it will lay out tonight and we'll be able to get back out there tomorrow. Getting chilly here as the Fall moves in but that seems to make the ocean come alive and the fish frisky.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sensation has been temporarily displaced because of lovely Florence, and my new dock partner, Capt Wade Fickling of the General had a stellar day of fishing yesterday. His fishbox was loaded with several 50-60 pound Wahoo, the nicest catch that I've seen this season and today I'm hopeful that we will be able to replicate that catch with our crew on the Sensation. I'll let you know late this afternoon. Reel Country also had an exceptional Wahoo catch. You need to google Casa De Campo. Patrick and I have been given the opportunity to run the Delta Dawn catching Marlin during this coming Feb and March and we'd love for you to come join us. There are several different all inclusive packages available so if shoot me a message I'll get the info to you. The place is Magical. And I'm looking forward to a Magical ocean here today. Just what I need. Full of life and silky smooth.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Yesterday Patrick and I had the pleasure of having Dick Hensel and a two of his 85 year old pals on the Sensation for a half day venture on the Sensation. Another of Dick's friends had to be hospitalized and couldn't make it. We were scheduled to fish a 3/4 day but a 30 knot Northeast wind kept us close to shore and although we didn't have an exceptional fishing day, Dick and his Good Friends had an exceptional day simply bantering back and forth and being together on God's beautiful ocean. You can see these three special Gents on the photo page along with their Bluefish, Spanish and Kingfish that hit the iron skillet with House Autry last night. Life's all about Good Friends so spend all the time that you can with yours doing what you Love. The wind has subsided and some of the fleet headed offshore today so stand by and I'll give you a later report.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Several boats scored on the Sailfish on Sunday including the Sensation with Kendall Egerton catching her first ever Sail and she had her Dad Tommy with her along with boyfriend Buddy on board. Check out the photo page. The Coverage caught 3 Sailfish as did the Bootlegger and the Pelagic caught 5 out of 7. Plenty of action too with the Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna bite. Sensation had some lunkers including a 50 pounder. Patrick and I will be running the Delta Dawn during the months of February and March in the Dominican Republic at Casa De Campo. There are several all inclusive packages available and the fishing is phenomenal. Please send me an email to if you would like to see the packages and availability. I?ll get right back to you. Would be really special to have you on board fishing with me :))

Sunday, October 14, 2018

28 boats stepped up to fish in the Brownbag Wahoo Challenge and at the end of the day Carteret County Domestic Violence gets a nice check to help out with the new Safe Harbor that?s being constructed and three teams are the proud owners of Brown Bags :)) Long time former Sensation Mate Capt Alan (Big Country) Scibal was on the bridge of his new boat, First Look, and led his team to a first place finish with a 48.9 pounder, followed by Capt Wade Fickling on the General and in Capt Ralph Griffin of the Fin Print finished 3rd. Scott Beane and crew aboard the Sensation missed 3rd place by one ounce:(( but a good day on the beautiful North Atlantic was had by all. Heading out shortly to watch another beautiful sunrise across Cape Lookout shoals. I?m hopeful that whatever you do today will put a smile on your face :))

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