Fishing Report

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yesterday Todd Casey brought a group of Great Customers of Best Distributing aboard the Sensation for an action packed day ...., when the dust settled and the fish were laid out on the dock behind the Sensation we lined up 40+ Blackfin Tuna along with several Mahi ..., plenty for Supper ...., and we also had a Sailfish to boot ..., check out the photo page for this June action ...., Dancin Outlaw had a great catch also along with a Sailfish ., also check out Laura, James and Will from Wednesday's catch .., wind is keeping everyone pinned to the dock today and tomorrow Sensation will be sailing up to Hatteras to compete in the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament but I will keep check on the action here and keep you posted up ...., the inshore bite on Spanish Mackeral has been off the charts .., come on down to the Crystal Coast and enjoy some of our great fishing action

Friday, June 23, 2017

On Wednesday one of my favorite charters was on board with Laura Brannock along with husband James and son Will, whom I've seen grow into quite a young man year after year fishing on the Sensation .., that's a great part of charter fishing watching families come aboard and do what they love together ..., the Brannock's had a slow trolling day with only a couple of Mahi and a few Amberjack but we made up for it with a hefty catch of Triggerfish and Snapper ..., yesterday we tagged Mahi with CMAST but the rest of the fleet tagged Marlin ..., with Diamond Girl a Blue Marlin, Bill Collector a White Marlin .., and ole faithful, the Dancin Outlaw with a Blue Marlin and a Sailfish ..., additionally the fleet had a good catch of Blackfin Tuna and Mahi ...., remember to let me know if you need any Sensation apparel ....,

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Captain Mark Chambers showed some sure enough readiness to go fishing yesterday as Reel Country was the only charter boat to depart the waterfront in some serious winds and rainy conditions ...., but as the day went on the weather settled out some and the fishing got good .., when Reel Country returned to the dock yesterday afternoon she was displaying some nice laundry with a Blue Marlin flag flying ., along with 3 Sailfish .., and she topped it off with a nice catch of Mahi ....., Good Lord willing we will be on the rip today ...., some of you have asked me about Long Sleeve Cool Dry shirts and short sleeve cotton ...., I had a list BUT LOST IT somehow ..., if you need SENSATION apparel please send me a message and I will get a shirt to you ..., we just got in an entire shipment of all sizes ....., standing by.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Check out the Sensation photo page if you want to see four happy girls ..., Sensation's KWLA winning team :) ...., a really extra fun day with a really fun group ..., unfortunately yours truly didn't put the Big Rock men's team in a position to win ..., we were certainly around most of the good bite but for whatever reason I didn't put the boat over the top of any hungry Marlin and I'm not ever happy letting my crew down :(( ......., but I am really happy for Captain Brian Harrington and his directional decision on Monday of the Big Rock .., he tried to get me to steer south with him but I ended up 50 miles north of him ...., as you know he decked the WINNER, a 533 pounder :)) ..., fishing was seasonal yesterday with Sensation and Reel Country the only two boats to sail from the waterfront and each had a fair catch of Gaffers and Bailers ..., and with Reel Country scoring a White Marlin ...., a blow has set in for today and tomorrow but we should be back on the rip by Wednesday ......, stay tuned.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Yesterday during the big Marlin flurry of the Big Rock tournament we took a lay day and had NC State's CMAST Research Team on the Sensation and we went tagging Dolphins ..., and the bite was on ...., CMAST's Paul Rudershausen and Dr. Jeff Buckle thought that they had brought plenty of tags but as it turns out ..., they ran out of tags when they tagged NUMBER 93 ..., exceptional day !!! ...., so then we went bottom fishing for Triggers and caught supper ..., Good Lord willing we will have another exceptional day today as we fish our last day of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament ...., the tournament has been a wonderful week for our Great Community and lot's of money will be given to charitable needs ..., back to charter fishing tomorrow ...., and I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Captain Brian Harrington and Mate Marty Hiatt on the Run Off made my year when they brought in the 533 pound Blue Marlin on the first day of the Big Rock Tournament ...., although I wish that Sensation had caught the fish, I couldn't be happier for both of them ...., well deserved :))) .., we came back to the dock with our tail tucked between our legs after our second day of fishing ...., only bite we have had we pulled off a Tuna .., but the good news is that it is only halftime ..., looking like the WTA Dolphin category is sewed up as my Pal Captain Bobby Slagel of the Islander brought home a whopper 69 pound Gaffer Dolphin yesterday ..., and my good friends Captain Thomas Woods and Mate Michael Tickle scored with a Blue Marlin and a White Marlin yesterday ...., now it's time for Sensation to get busy !!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Keli Wagner Ladies Big Rock Tournament was held on Saturday and the girls had an absolute ball ......, and the Governor's Cup and Big Rock Weighmaster Randy Gregory's wife, Michelle, was in the chair to angle a huge 54.7 pound Dolphin which captured the WINNER TAKE ALL AND FIRST PLACE DOLPHIN CATEGORIES ...., and paid the girls a tidy sum of $62,000+ ......, a really fun day on the ocean with a great group ..., Delta Dawn with Angler Connie Thompson caught a Blue and a White to win the tournament release division ..., but they had that Good Luck Charm Joy Bell on Board too ...., the Big Show begins today ..., check out the photo page to see Happy Girls with a Really Big Fish :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

With some of my favorite charters on board Will Pope, Cori, Barry and crew went in search of the elusive Blue Marlin and we came real close as a Blue attached the left teaser and pulled down the short rigger ...., but it wasn't to be ....., they did have a great meal at Floyds last night with the Blackfin Tuna that we caught at the end of the day in one hour ...., see the photo page ...., Reel Country, Danci Outlaw and Diamond Girl each had exceptional catches of Blackfin and Reel Country scored a White Marlin ...., Ladies Big Rock today ....., stay tuned for a full report

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Captain Jimmy Hite of the Bluewater broke off an estimated 800 pound Blue Marlin on Sunday while fishing offshore of the Big Rock ....., there have been some monster Blues seen and caught over the past few weeks and all just in time for the GREATEST Blue Marlin Tournament in the WORLD ...., the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament ....., festivities will begin this Friday night with the Keli Wagner Ladies Tournament Captain's party and party ..., then the ladies are fishing on Saturday to be followed by the Big Rock Captain's Meeting and Party on Saturday night ...., then the Big Show begins on Monday ...., get your crew together and come fish in this fabulous event ...., there are also still a few boats available for charter .., check out the photo page for recent action

Sunday, June 04, 2017

John Morgan along with his good friends and college buddies rode around on the Sensation all day long on Friday with yours truly at the helm ..., in search of the elusive Blue Marlin ..., we had an explosion on the left long rigger which didn't come tight and while waiting for the Marlin to reappear, a huge clump of Sargassum grass grabbed the bait before the Marlin could ..., and of course you know the ending of that story .., but although John and crew were idle on Friday, they sure as heck weren't yesterday with Capt John Jenkins at the helm ..., check out the photo page for the huge catch ...., Snowy Grouper, Triggerfish, Flounder, Vermillion Snapper, Toro, Gag Grouper, Sea Bass ...., the list goes on ..., We still have a couple of spots open for the Hatteras Grand Slam Tournament 4th of July week ....., give me a call - 252-725-5375

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